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Were You Seriously Injured At A Construction Site? 

Construction sites inherently present a number of hazards, such as falling objects, crane accidents, electric shock, collisions, scaffolding accidents, welding accidents, fires and explosions, and falls from heights. To prevent personal injury to workers; employers, contractors, and construction site owners are expected to maintain a certain level of safety. Many do. Some don’t. When you are injured in a construction accident because your work environment was unsafe, the law states that you are entitled to monetary compensation and we are here to make sure you get paid.

Protection of the rights and safety of the men and women who work in the construction trades is one of our firm’s founding values and continuing missions. That includes our particular focus on heavy construction where a life and a family’s future can be changed in an instant by accidents involving rigging, scaffolding, excavation, high steel, blasting, or heavy equipment operation.

Our team has technical knowledge in construction safety and in the laws protecting construction workers. We team up with construction managers, equipment safety experts, scaffolding experts, and civil engineers to make sure no stone is left unturned in our investigation or prosecution of your case.

Learn More In A Free Initial Consultation

At Rutberg Breslow Personal Injury Law, we work hard for those injured due to the negligence of others at construction sites. If it happens to you — if you are injured or a loved one is lost because someone did not do the right thing for safety at a construction site — we will help you receive the full measure of compensation to which you’re entitled by law. We handle cases all over the state of New York. Contact us for a free consultation.