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An Active Bus System Means More Opportunities For Accidents

From New York City to Albany, people in New York take good advantage of the local bus system. However, bus accidents are common and can cause serious accidents and injuries. Whether it is a minor bus accident, such as rear-ending a passenger vehicle, or a major one, such as taking a sharp turn and rolling over, you deserve compensation for your injuries.

At Rutberg Breslow Personal Injury Law in Poughkeepsie, our bus accident attorneys can help you file a claim against the at-fault parties to obtain compensation for medical expenses, pain and suffering, and lost wages. With over a century of combined legal experience, our personal injury lawyers have deep experience negotiating with insurance companies and arguing a case before a jury. You can trust us to fight diligently for your right to compensation.

Understanding Bus Accidents And Their Causes

Just like car crashes or trucking accidents, bus crashes can have a number of causes. Common causes of bus accidents include:

  • Driver negligence
  • Reckless driving
  • Vehicle defects
  • Mechanical problems
  • Driving under the influence

Driving a large bus can be a difficult task, and improper training or distracted driving can have serious consequences.

Liability In Bus Accidents

Unlike a traditional car accident, where the crash often involves just two drivers, a bus accident can have several different at-fault parties. Depending on the circumstances of the accident, we may consider the driver, bus company, government entity, school districts, maintenance company, vehicle and parts manufacturers, and any other third parties involved in the accident.

To establish liability in a bus accident case, you must prove that the at-fault party breached a duty of care and caused your injury. To help prove liability in your case, we will work with accident reconstruction experts and investigators to provide a sound basis for our claims.

Types Of Injuries From Bus Accidents

From minor crashes to severe accidents, any crash involving a large vehicle has the potential to cause severe injuries or fatalities. In a bus crash, typical injuries include broken bones, burns, traumatic brain injuries, spinal injuries and other soft tissue injuries, so you have to spend years in rehabilitative care. You may also face emotional impacts, such as PTSD or trauma.

Seeking Compensation For Damages After A Bus Crash

New York provides a three-year window for bus accident victims to file a personal injury claim. When you meet with our team at Rutberg Breslow Personal Injury Law, we will examine your case and injuries to determine which damages to pursue. You can recover compensation for monetary losses such as medical expenses and lost wages. You can also seek damages for pain and suffering, PTSD and scarring or disfigurement.

You may have a valid wrongful death claim if you lost a loved one in a bus accident. In a wrongful death claim, you can pursue compensation for funeral expenses, medical bills, loss of income and loss of companionship. At Rutberg Breslow Personal Injury Law, our attorneys can discuss this option with you.

Insurance Companies And The Legal Process In A Bus Accident Case

Insurance companies will immediately start contacting you, trying to settle your claim quickly and cheaply. They will often employ tactics to fight your claims, such as downplaying your injury or denying liability. When you work with us at Rutberg Breslow Personal Injury Law, we will take over communications with insurance companies to save time and stress. We do not let insurance companies bully us; your interests will always be protected.

While an insurer may tempt you to accept their offer, we recommend contacting one of our attorneys first to discuss your options. If you decide to file a claim, we will be with you every step of the way. From thoroughly investigating your accident to collecting evidence and witness testimony, we will build a solid case against the at-fault party. With experienced litigators and negotiators on our team, we can handle your case in and out of the courtroom.

Don’t Wait To Get Started On Your Bus Accident Claim

In New York, you only have three years to file a personal injury lawsuit after your bus accident. It is vital that you contact us as soon as possible to get started on your case. The longer you wait, the less evidence you will have to assert your claim.

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