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Have You Been Injured By A Defective Medical Device?

Each year new medical devices are approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Although deemed “safe,” these devices can often lead to complications that at times manufacturers’ knew could arise but elected not to inform the public.

Life-threatening medical conditions, painful surgery, substantial pain and suffering, and wrongful death can result when a manufacturer fails to warn the public of grave side effects linked to their devices, or when a manufacturer distributes a defective device.

At Rutberg Breslow Personal Injury Law, we handle cases of serious injury and wrongful death throughout New York state.

In cases involving a dangerous medical device in what is commonly known as a ‘class action,” we team up with a firm focusing on that particular medical device so that together, our professional teams give your case the attention it deserves. Whether we handle a case ourselves or with our “class action” team, we are here to help you receive proper compensation for your injury or the loss of a loved one. Contact us for a free consultation.

Below are some of the most common defective medical device cases we are working on:

IVC Filters

These devices, intended to stop blood clot migration for short-term use only, are rarely removed. These filters break, perforate organs and migrate throughout the body at alarming rates. Fragmented pieces are extremely difficult to locate and nearly impossible to remove from the body. Bard and Cook filters are the most common.

Hernia Mesh

Patients have reported and continue to report extremely high rates of hernia recurrence, as well as the need for revision surgery. There are many different types and brands that we are investigating.

Transvaginal Mesh

Women have reported that transvaginal or pelvic mesh can erode, contract or fail in other ways, leading to vaginal tightening/shortening, infection, tremendous pain and the recurrence of prolapsed organs. Of the many manufacturers that produce this device, Ethicon, Boston Scientific, Bard, AMS and Coloplast are the largest producers.

Metal-On-Metal Knee Implants

Patients have reported complications from the loosening of the tibial plate, often requiring revision surgery. We are currently looking at cases involving Zimmer and Depuy Knees.

Metal-On-Metal Hip Implants

These hip implants can loosen over time and fail, thus requiring revision surgery. Daily wear in which metal components rub against each other results in metal debris that can poison the body – a condition known as metallosis, which can in turn lead to the deterioration of the bone or tissue, as well as the formation of cysts. We continue to get calls of Stryker, ASR, Pinnacle, Biomet and Zimmer hip failures.

Bair Hugger Warming Blanket

Patients who used the blanket post-surgery have reported contracting a severe, antibiotic-resistant bacterial infection. 3M Co. manufactures this device.

Birth Control

Women have reported that these devices tend to break, perforate organs and move throughout the body. Women have also reported severe allergic reactions, bleeding and chronic pain. Essure and Mirena are some of the devices we are handling.