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Negligent Supervision of Children at Schools, Camps, and Elsewhere

Parkland Students Target Police in School Shooting Lawsuit 

‘This is a shot at specific law enforcement officials who failed the students on that particular day. Law enforcement choked and the goal of this lawsuit is to ensure that this never happens again. If they choke and they cause people to die, they will have to face the...

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School Bus Driver Was Reckless, Negligent in Child’s Death, Lawsuit Alleges 

Parents try very hard to protect their children. But, this need to protect children must also be balanced with letting go of your children, such as letting them go to school. The hope is that the people that care for your children when you’re not around will be...

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When to Sue for Theme Park Injuries 

Going to a theme park can be the highlight of any person’s summer. For the most part, rides and attractions are safe, but things can go wrong. When a guest is injured at a theme park, that guest might be left wondering what rights they have to recover for their...

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Water Slide Injuries: Legal Liability Facts You Should Know 

Nothing says summer like a water slide. Whether you’re rocketing down a chute at a water park or zipping into a backyard swimming pool, there’s just something about the sun and spray that spells freedom and fun. Unfortunately, water slides can also spell danger, and...

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