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How can trench accidents happen on construction sites?

On Behalf of | Apr 5, 2024 | Dangerous Conditions on Private or Public Property

Construction sites are busy places, filled with workers and machinery. However, among all the activity, trench accidents lurk in the background.

Trenches, dug for building things like pipes or foundations, can be risky if safety is not a priority.

Mechanics and causes

Trench accidents mostly happen when the walls of a trench do not hold up. When workers dig trenches, they disturb the soil around them, which may make it unstable. Without adequate support systems, the soil can collapse inward and bury workers beneath tons of debris.

Poor trench protection measures, such as insufficient shoring or improper sloping of trench walls, increase the risk of collapse. The sheer weight and force of the collapsing soil can lead to severe injuries or fatalities for workers, including spinal cord trauma.

Environmental issues

Certain environmental factors can make trench accidents worse. Heavy rain or flooding can saturate the soil, reducing its stability and making trench walls more prone to collapse.

Similarly, seismic activity or vibrations from nearby machinery can further destabilize the soil. This movement increases the likelihood of trench accidents.

Human mistakes

Sometimes, trench accidents happen because of mistakes made by people. If coworkers are not trained properly or do not notice signs that the soil is unstable, accidents can occur. Rushing through the job without taking proper safety measures can also lead to these complications.

Employers can make construction sites better workplaces for all employees by being cautious while using trenches. If someone is facing a construction site injury, they may want to seek fair compensation.