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4 Things to know about how motor vehicle crashes affects workers

On Behalf of | Dec 21, 2022 | Auto, Truck, and Motorcycle Accidents

Millions of employees are in vehicles while doing their job, which is a problem since vehicular accidents cause workplace deaths. However, all workers are in danger of injury and death since they do not have to be in a vehicle for an accident to kill them.

Whether it is a single vehicle, multiple vehicles or pedestrian accident, there are specific ways these accidents impact different industries.

1. Truck drivers

Approximately one-third of truck drivers experience severe crashes during their careers. The total number of deadly crashes involving trucks over five tons is increasing. Since 2016, the number of people killed in commercial trucks has been greater than 800 per year.

2. First responders

Almost half of EMS personnel deaths were due to vehicle crashes. Additionally, nearly 100 firefighters died in accidents on the job between 2010 and 2020.

3. Oil and gas workers

More than half of the deaths among gas and oil workers are due to vehicle crashes. Traditionally, accidents with light-duty trucks, such as pickup trucks, killed most oil and gas workers. However, since 2018, large trucks, such as semis, have been responsible for almost one-third of oil and gas industry accidents.

4. Other industries

Even in other industries, motor vehicle accidents are still the first or second cause of work-related deaths. Crash reports indicate that more than 1,000 workers from various sectors die annually in vehicular accidents.

Knowing this information can help keep employees safer by encouraging them to follow safety protocols. However, there is still a risk for all workers.