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What causes dogs to bite?

On Behalf of | May 4, 2022 | Attacks by Dogs and Other Animals

Many are passionate about dogs. There are good reasons why, including loyalty and intelligence. They are commonly known as “man’s best friend,” after all.

Despite their positive characteristics, though, canines sometimes attack. A pedestrian innocently strolling down the street could turn into a victim at the drop of a hat. Various factors are capable of triggering these incidents.


Exposure to noises and large crowds creates stress and anxiety in many four-legged friends. Active construction sites, for example, can cause confusion that makes biting more likely.


As they become older, dogs can suffer physical ailments exactly like we do. Blindness and hearing loss are possibilities that could contribute to a lack of awareness. They may instinctually lash out if they feel the presence of an unfamiliar person.


Animals in pain naturally want to avoid others touching their wounds. Any contact could increase their distress levels. Thus, it is understandable for them to react when someone reaches toward them. Owners of dogs with injuries must warn others that petting them is dangerous.


Animals sometimes react when people annoy or disturb them. Disruptive children might find teasing creatures amusing, for example. Kids could yell or throw objects in an attempt to provoke a response. Activity such as this can quickly turn to disaster. Even domesticated dogs experiencing provocation might bite those responsible for their agitation.

A dog bite is a distressing situation that oftentimes does not have to happen. Owners bear the burden of safeguarding the public from attacks. These incidents might decrease if everyone understands what types of activities can trigger aggression.