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How to practice fire safety in the workplace

On Behalf of | Apr 4, 2022 | Personal Injury

In most workplaces, major fires are fortunately rare but can cause serious personal injury when they do occur. The injury toll is even worse when people do not prepare for such an occurrence.

If you own a company, manage an office, or are otherwise in charge of a safety team in your place of business, there are many ways to practice fire safety in the workplace.

Practice fire drills

Fire drills get people accustomed to what to do in case there is a real fire in the building. Many workplaces already require fire drills, but if yours does not, this is an important step to take to regularly practice fire safety. Most people in the building should be unaware of an upcoming fire drill so that they experience the same level of surprise that they would in an actual emergency.

Assess fire extinguishers

There should be fire extinguishers placed strategically throughout a building. Extinguishers should especially be near rooms that are at a higher risk of fire, such as laboratories and kitchens. Make sure to replace non-rechargeable fire extinguishers every 10 years.

Maintain the electrical equipment

Many office fires start with the electrical equipment, whether the cause is faulty wiring or something else. In addition to making sure appliances and cords are in good working order, it is good practice to unplug items such as lamps and space heaters when people are out of the building for long periods of time.

Establishing good fire safety habits in the workplace helps prevent fires and injuries among employees.