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3 tips for safer driving at night

On Behalf of | Mar 7, 2022 | Auto, Truck, and Motorcycle Accidents

Nighttime driving comes with additional hazards and risks to those we face during the day.

Taking proactive steps to drive more carefully at night can reduce your risk of injury and accident.

1. Use your high beams lights

Use your high beams whenever you drive in areas that are not well lit. High beam lights shine farther and wider than regular headlights giving you a clearer view of what is ahead and what may be approaching from the side. This gives you more reaction time to avoid hazards that could cause an accident. Be sure to turn off your high beams when cars approach you in the other lane so that you do not blind them.

2. Clean your windows

Windows that seem clear during the daytime show all kinds of smudges and smears when hit by oncoming headlights. A simple smear can cause light to streak and blur your view as a vehicle passes you. Regularly clean both the outside and inside of all of your windows to make sure your vision is not impaired while driving at night.

3. Drive defensively

You need to be extra vigilant about following safety protocols when driving at night. Drink caffeine or listen to loud music to help you stay awake and alert while you are behind the wheel. Minimize distractions so that your focus is not taken from the road and avoid driving in the blind spots of other vehicles.

Driving at night comes with an increased risk of encountering an impaired or drowsy driver. Practice safe nighttime driving habits so that you can react and avoid any danger other drivers may present.