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3 common injuries you may sustain in a car crash

On Behalf of | Jan 10, 2022 | Personal Injury

A car crash may do more than make you late for work. You may find yourself out of a paycheck if the injuries you sustain are serious.

An accident may result in long-term bodily damage. Learn about three of the more common injuries you may need to deal with after a crash.

1. Whiplash

The neck is a common spot for a car accident injury to occur. Whiplash is the diagnosis when microscopic tears in the neck cause pain and immobility. Whiplash is a painful injury that may benefit from rest and physical therapy.

2. Brain damage

A head injury may happen when the skull hits something, or the brain hits the skull. Since the brain is sensitive, it is susceptible to damage. Concussions are common in car crashes, whether the head strikes anything or not. If not diagnosed, brain injury may become severe and cause a lifetime of issues, including loss of function and early death.

3. Fractures

The force of a crash may fracture bones, especially in the arms and legs. Since these extremities are in direct contact with the vehicle, they are more susceptible to injury as they absorb the impact. The most severe breaks you may experience due to a crash are open compound fractures. This injury occurs when a bone snaps and rips through the skin, requiring immediate surgery. The danger in this injury is it may permanently sever the nerves in that area of the body, and the open wound allows bacteria direct entry into the body. Infection and long-term nerve damage are common in open fractures.

Getting better after a car accident is your top priority. When the cost of treatment exceeds your PIP coverage, you may need to consider recovering money from the negligent party.