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Is your child vulnerable to infection after a dog attack?

On Behalf of | Sep 25, 2021 | Attacks by Dogs and Other Animals

Because of their size, children are at high risk of sustaining a serious injury in a dog attack. In the immediate aftermath of an attack, your child may need emergency medical care to repair bite wounds. Regrettably, the risk to your child’s physical health does not cease when the attack stops.

As many as 15% of young dog bite victims develop infections in the days or weeks after an attack. While the trauma from a bite may put your child’s life in danger, he or she may suffer catastrophic consequences from a related infection.

Symptoms of infection

To ensure your child remains free from infection, you may want to schedule several appointments with his or her pediatrician during the recovery process. Still, if you notice one or more of the following, taking your child to the emergency room may be necessary:

  • Swelling or redness around the bite site
  • Pus or other discharge
  • Nausea, vomiting or loss of appetite
  • Headaches, disorientation or loss of balance
  • Fever or chills
  • Loss of sensation or paralysis

Treatment options

Like with many other maladies, early diagnosis and treatment of infection are critical. Depending on the severity of the infection, your child’s doctor may recommend antibiotics. In more serious cases, however, hospitalization and even surgery may be necessary to prevent long-term harm.

Receiving adequate care for the young one in your family may quickly become exorbitantly expensive. Ultimately, pursuing financial compensation from the dog’s owner may give you the resources your child needs either to recover completely or to cope with life after infection.