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The importance of scene investigation after a vehicle crash

On Behalf of | Mar 15, 2021 | Auto, Truck, and Motorcycle Accidents

Working on behalf of a car crash victim, a legal team may bring on outside professionals to assist in a crash scene investigation.

The expanded team might include an accident reconstructionist, a forensic engineer and possibly a biomechanics expert.

About information collection

The investigation of an accident scene can turn up numerous bits of information to help in determining what caused the crash. For example, scene mapping employs the use of surveying equipment to take measurements of roadway evidence that will eventually become a diagram that shows specific conditions. The evidence professionals find will provide clues as to whether the accident occurred due to causes such as speeding, vehicle equipment failure or roadway defects.

Types of evidence

Accident reconstructionists and forensic engineers search the crash site for evidence such as:

– tire tracks and skid marks

– gouges in pavement or dirt

– damage to curbs, guardrails, mailboxes or other stationary objects

– shattered glass from windshields

– engine oil, blood and other fluid stains

– points of impact of the vehicles

– final resting position of the vehicles

Biomechanics assistance

A biomechanics expert uses both engineering and medical training to understand how the human body reacts to a violent impact such as a vehicle crash. As part of the crash investigation, a biomechanics expert can examine evidence from the event data recorder, or “black box” to learn further details about the accident.

Importance of timing

If the crash site investigation uncovers driver negligence, it will help an injured victim secure full and fair compensation to cover medical expenses and more. However, an investigation must take place quickly since weather conditions and ongoing traffic issues can cause evidence to disappear.