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A car crash, an injury and the all-important medical report

On Behalf of | Nov 21, 2020 | Auto, Truck, and Motorcycle Accidents

You may never have been in a major motor vehicle accident, but minor crashes such as rear-end collisions occur frequently in and around Poughkeepsie. 

Even a low-speed rear-end collision can cause serious injuries. If you are the victim, you will need prompt medical care, which will generate an essential medical report. 

Minor collision consequences

One of the reasons that injuries from a rear-end collision are often serious is that victims do not see the collision coming and are therefore unprepared to protect themselves. The human body is not designed to manage the severe shock of impact. As a protective mechanism, it releases chemicals like adrenaline that temporarily mask pain and injury symptoms. For example, if you suffer a neck or head injury, you might not feel the effects, such as headaches or dizziness, for hours or even days after the accident. 

Medical care and the report

Although you might walk away from a minor collision, you should not delay in seeking medical attention because you could have underlying injuries. The doctor will also write a report with the diagnosis, details about your injury and the recommended course of treatment. Just as important, the medical report will tie your injury directly to the vehicle crash. 

The insurance claim

When the time comes for you to file a claim for compensation, the medical report should accompany your claim. This provides verification that the vehicle crash was the cause of your injury and helps to forestall any lowball settlement, delay or denial tactics the insurer might have in mind. Remember that as the victim of a collision that resulted from driver negligence, you have a right to expect full and fair compensation.