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National Campfire Day: Camping and Wildfire Injury Roundup 

On Behalf of | Aug 3, 2018 | Defective Playgrounds and Parks

Some of us celebrate campfires every day. For the rest of us that live a little further from the wilderness, we might need an annual reminder or excuse to get out, gather around a fire under the stars, and share our best scary stories. That’s what this Saturday’s National Campfire Day is for.
But, as experienced campers know, fires can be dangerous, even in the best of conditions. So here are some of our best answers to questions about camping, campfire, and wildfire injuries from our archives: how to prevent them, and what to do if they occur.
1. Putting the ‘Wild’ in ‘Wilderness’: Top 5 Camping Injury Questions
Whether in a national park or state campground, injuries can happen. So find out what to do if you’re injured while camping, and who might be responsible.
2. Is It Legal to Have a Bonfire?
Most campsites will limit the size of fire you can construct, other locations may allow for larger bonfires. But always check with local ordinances and any specific park rules related to fires before igniting anything.
3. Can California Homeowners Sue for Wildfire Damage?
When a campfire gets out of control, the damage can be catastrophic. And if you let a campfire turn into a forest fire, you could be facing both civil and criminal liability.
4. Top 5 Summer Camp Injury Questions
Summer camps can be a safe place to get an introduction to the wilderness and instruction on how to commune with nature safely and responsibly. It doesn’t always work out that way. So, what happens if you or a child are injured at summer camp?
5. FDA Campfire Stories: 3 Spooky Food Recalls
Smokey aromas, spooky stories, s’mores, and maybe even some smoked sausages. Make sure you’re keeping that campfire menu safe.
And if you are injured around or by a campfire this weekend, talk to an experienced injury attorney about your legal options.