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Unique dangers of driving on rural roads?

On Behalf of | May 1, 2023 | Auto, Truck, and Motorcycle Accidents

There is a risk of getting into a motor vehicle accident regardless of the type of road on which you regularly drive. Some people assume that rural highways are safer because there are fewer cars that travel on them. However, driving on country roads comes with its own risks for several reasons.

What are a couple of the unique dangers of driving on rural roads in New York State?

The risk of getting stranded

Rural roads, by definition, are highways that travel through sparsely populated areas. This means that if you get into a one-car accident or if your car breaks down, you might not see any passersby to come to your assistance for hours. Most people travel with a phone they can use to call for help, but there is still a chance of the phone’s battery dying or a possibility that you find yourself stranded in an area where you do not have cell phone reception.

The risk of colliding with an animal

Animals that wander around and hunt near rural highways may routinely cross the road as they wish. This increases the likelihood that a motorist might crash into them, and driving at night or in poor weather conditions only makes this more likely to happen. Hitting large animals such as deer and moose can cause significant damage to a vehicle as well as injuries to the vehicle’s occupants.

Drivers on rural roads should be aware of the factors that may contribute to having an accident on those roads.