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Common liability issues with exotic animal attacks

On Behalf of | Jan 23, 2023 | Attacks by Dogs and Other Animals

Most people associate animal bites with incidents involving dogs. Dog bites are a common type of animal attack, but they are not the only ones. Exotic animals have strict regulation under legislation that restricts ownership and details specific care, containment and permitting procedures, it does not prevent bites and other injuries.

Here are a few common reasons for exotic animal bites that lead to personal injury claims.

Insufficient containment

Strict standards define the structure of the enclosures for exotic animals. Despite those standards, sometimes mistakes lead to enclosures that are loose or unstable. This can make people vulnerable to potential bites from enclosed animals. Neglecting enclosure stability and security is a liability risk for the owner of the animal.

Neglectful handling

Any exotic animal owner who handles the animals in proximity to others or exposes other people to the animal without sufficient means for control is neglectful. Whether attacked by a serval that an owner was walking or bitten by a snake that was out of the enclosure, knowingly exposing people to potentially dangerous animals is neglectful.

Strict liability

Even without neglectful behavior, New York is a strict liability state with no exceptions for exotic animals. That means the state holds the owner accountable for any bite or attack by an exotic animal regardless of the circumstances.

When you suffer an attack or bite by an exotic animal, you have the right to a personal injury case. It is important to protect your rights, especially considering that exotic animals can cause costly, extensive damage.