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Swimming Pool Injuries: 5 Things to Know 

On Behalf of | Jun 25, 2019 | Personal Injury

With summertime in full swing, many parents and pool-goers might be wondering about legal liability surrounding swimming pool related injuries.
Lucky for those summertime worrywarts, we here at FindLaw have been writing about swimming pool liability for years — and related to a variety of injuries. Below, you can read about some important legal info about swimming pools and legal liability.
If I Slip and Fall at a Pool, Can I Sue?
Generally, if you slip and fall on someone else?s property due to a dangerous or hazardous condition, you may be able to sue that property owner for damages. Pool owners know this, or should know this, and they should do their best to minimize hazards, such as putting up signs warning people about slippery surfaces, or making sure pools are secured behind fences.
Water Slide Injuries: Legal Liability Facts You Should Know
Yes, water slides are fun. But they are also pretty dangerous. Beyond just the potential for slide burn, water slides have caused some serious injuries, and owners can be liable for those injuries.
Swimming Pool Chemicals Injure Thousands Yearly
Ever go swimming in a pool and emerge with a rash or other skin irritation or worse? It may have been due to an improperly cleaned pool. Pools use lots of chemicals to make sure the water is safe and clean enough for swimming. If the balance is off or the wrong chemicals are used, it can be really dangerous, and the pool owner, or maybe the cleaner, could be liable.
CDC ‘Poop’ Study: Why Swimmers Need to Shower
Despite all the chemicals used to keep pools clean, it turns out that when people don?t shower before getting in a pool, it gets contaminated with poop. Yes, that’s gross, and if a pool’s owner doesn’t keep their pool clean, and you get sick from swimming in it, you might want to think about calling an injury lawyer.
Who Is Liable for Drowning and Accidents in Private Pools?
Sadly, every year, deaths are reported due to swimming pool accidents. When a drowning or other accident happens at a private pool, knowing who is liable can sometimes be tricky, especially if an owner took precautions to safeguard the pool.