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Theme Park Injuries: Brazilian Boy’s Foot, Leg Allegedly Crushed on E.T. Ride 

On Behalf of | Mar 20, 2019 | Defective Playgrounds and Parks

A lawsuit filed against Universal Studios is seeking $15,000 in damages after a mother says her son was injured on the E.T. ride at the theme park in January. According to the suit, Tiago Perez’s left foot got stuck between the ride and a cement offloading area near the end, crushing his foot and breaking multiple bones in his toes, foot, and leg.
Here’s a look at his mother’s lawsuit, and similar injury claims against theme parks.
A Normal Kid
According to his family who witnessed the incident and his attorney, Thiago was doing nothing wrong as he enjoyed the ride. “He was just being a normal kid,” Edmund Normand said, “a normal rider.” Another boy injured his right foot on the same ride in 2002.
“Prior to this incident,” the lawsuit alleges, “[Universal] had knowledge that the design, manufacture, testing, construction, and/or operation of the E.T. Adventure ride, created an unreasonably dangerous ride resulting in injuries to guests, but [Universal] continued to market the ride as safe to the unsuspecting public.” The suit also claims that Universal updated its safety measures following the incident, pausing the ride near the exit so an employee could ensure riders’ arms and legs were inside the vehicle.
A Frequent Injury
Universal declined to comment on the lawsuit to the Orlando Sentinel, but injuries at theme parks do happen. And here’s what you should know if they do:

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If you or a loved one has been injured at a theme park, contact a local personal injury attorney for help.