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Biggest Injury Lawsuits of 2018 

On Behalf of | Dec 20, 2018 | Personal Injury

Accidents happen. But some accidents can be avoided, and if someone doesn’t take the right steps to avoid an accident, they can be liable for the injuries that occur. Those injuries can be serious or widespread, and if it’s a large company or corporation that failed to protect customers or the general public, the lawsuits regarding injury liability can be huge.
The past year was no exception and there were some serious injury lawsuits filed, along with some big verdicts, in 2018. Here’s a roundup of the biggest injury lawsuits this year:
1. Victims of California Wildfire Sue Utility Company
The past two years have seen catastrophic wildfires across California, not all of which were mere acts of nature. And those responsible for causing the sparks that lit the state aflame are being called to account. One such lawsuit is targeting Pacific Gas and Electric, claiming the deadly Camp Fire was the “direct and legal result of the negligence, carelessness, recklessness, and/or unlawfulness” of the company.
2. Mother Sues for $60M After Child Died in ICE Custody
Immigration has also been at the forefront of the news this past year, and the Trump administration’s enhanced immigration enforcement has come with some deadly costs. Proving government liability in detention and custody injuries and deaths, however, can be tricky.
3. Arizona Class Action Targets Tijuana Weight Loss Doctor, American ‘Weight Coyote’
Speaking of immigration, some Americans are crossing the border in the other direction, looking for cheaper weight-loss surgeries. But the results are not what they expected.
4. Walgreens, CVS Sued for Opioid Sales in Florida
The opioid epidemic has been damaging to communities nationwide, but who’s to blame? Doctors for over-prescribing painkillers? Addicts who sometimes forge prescriptions or overconsume the drugs? Or drug stores who fail to implement controls on illegal sales?
5. Massachusetts Man Awarded $8.25M for Injuries From Falling Asphalt Melter
Brian Goodrich of Oxford, Massachusetts sustained permanent disfigurement to his face and skull, permanent blindness in one eye, and loss of “even remedial cognitive function” after an asphalt melter fell on his head. In turns out the makers of the melter didn’t include adequate warnings, and were legally liable for some of his injuries.
6. Class Action Lawsuit: E-Scooters Are a ‘Public Nuisance’
This was also the year of the e-scooters. Thousands of electric scooters began appearing on city streets, generally wreaking havoc on pedestrians and drivers alike. With municipalities scrambling to keep up with e-scooter regulations, some turned to class action lawsuits to curb the e-scooter scourge.
7. Christmas Shopper Wins $3M Lawsuit for Escalator Toe Injury
If you’re still doing some last-minute shopping, stay safe out there. And if you do get injured, contact a local attorney.