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Family Sues Mexico Resort for Daughter’s Drowning

On Behalf of | Nov 29, 2018 | Hotel Negligence

A family vacation in Mexico turned deadly for one Wisconsin family, and they’ve filed a wrongful death lawsuit in a Florida civil court to not only uncover the truth of that fateful day, but also to recover costs and damages. Though none of this will bring back their vibrant 20-year-old daughter, they hope it will help save the lives of future travelers and loved ones.

A Deadly Family Vacation

In January of 2017, Abbey Conner and her brother, Austin, her mom and stepdad, took a winter vacation to the Mexican resort town of Playa del Carmen, and stayed at the upscale Hotel Iberostar Paraiso del Mar. Austin and Abbey had a few drinks at the pool bar while their mom and stepdad were spending time on their own.

When Austin and Abbey were late to meet for dinner, suspicions grew until the parents were given the news that their children had been taken to the hospital. Abbey had drowned under suspicious circumstances in a shallow area of the resort pool, shortly before dinner time. Austin was found unconscious in the pool with a large egg-sized lump on his head. Though the two were taken to the hospital, only one survived. Abbey was transported to a Florida hospital, where she never regained consciousness, was declared brain-dead, and subsequently died.

Over 200 Similar Incidents Reported

The family believes that Abbey and Austin consumed tainted alcohol at the resort pool. Austin has very little recollection of the events. His lack of memory is eerily similar to over 200 other Mexico vacation goers that have suffered similar fates to Austin, some after only one drink, leading many to believe the alcohol is tainted or that the guests are being drugged. Surprisingly, Abbey’s parents have found that the U.S. and Mexico governments have been reticent in gathering and disseminating information regarding these incidents. They would like to learn why.

Wrongful Death Suit

Because it is believed that Abbey’s death came as a result of tainted alcohol from the resort, her family has filed a wrongful death suit. The lawsuit alleges that Iberostar and its affiliated companies failed to take adequate safety measures, including preventing tainted alcohol from being served to guests, ensuring the bar and restaurant staff were properly trained, and providing adequate surveillance cameras and lifeguards around the pool. The suit also alleges that Iberostar failed to warn guests about the known threat of tainted alcohol, and refused to cooperate with the family’s investigation of Abbey’s death.

If you or someone you love believes they have been the victim of tainted alcohol or unknown drug use, call a personal injury attorney. Incidents such as these happen more often than the news reports, and you may be able to recover your costs, and in some cases, your confidence in the general public. But unfortunately for the Conner Family, some things you just can’t get back.