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Top Law and Injury Tips for 4th of July Fireworks 

On Behalf of | Jul 2, 2018 | Personal Injury

It’s as natural as the seasons changing — as soon as summer arrives, so do the injuries. Sunburn, heat stroke, animal bites and stings, and swimming pool injuries. And, as the calendar approaches July, fireworks injuries.
Police are cracking down on illegal fireworks sales and communities are cancelling legal fireworks shows, for good reason. Fireworks, essentially decorative bombs, are dangerous. So much so that we have a whole trove of fireworks injury blog posts from the past few years. In another attempt to keep you and your family safe this July Fourth holiday, here are some of our best fireworks law and injury-related tips, from our archives.
1. It’s a Tradition! Fireworks Laws and Safety Tips
Often the best safety tip is to simply follow the law. Don’t purchase or use illegal or black-market fireworks that can be dangerous even if they work properly, and deadly if they don’t. And if you’re setting off legal fireworks, follow the instructions and warnings, and don’t use fireworks in high fire danger places.
2. Can You Sue Neighbors for Fireworks Damage?
What if you’re not the one using the fireworks? You may also be able to file a lawsuit if nearby fireworks use damages your property. If your homeowner’s insurance doesn’t cover clean-up or repairs, and your neighbor is, let’s just say, less than helpful, you may consider filing a claim in small claims court.
3. If Injured by Fireworks, Can You Sue?
If you’re injured in a fireworks accident, do you have any legal recourse? And, if so, against whom? That will probably depend on the specifics of your case. If your injuries were the result of another person’s carelessness, you may have a negligence suit if the person failed to act reasonably. And if you were injured by a malfunctioning fireworks device, you could have a products liability suit against the manufacturer.
4. Fatal Fourth of July: 4 Worst Fireworks Injuries
As we mentioned, fireworks injuries can be serious. If you needed any more deterrent to being careless with fireworks this week, read on.
5. 5 Fourth of July Injuries You Can Easily Prevent
As dangerous as they are, fireworks aren’t the only thing causing injuries around July Fourth. Here are a few, easily preventable injuries to look out for.
And if you are injured, by fireworks or otherwise, this Fourth of July holiday, contact an experienced personal injury attorney.