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Dancing Cosmetic Surgeon Faces New Lawsuit 

On Behalf of | Jul 12, 2018 | Medical Malpractice

You don’t need your mechanic to be a good cook, your dentist to be a skilled juggler, or your butcher to be an inspiring poet. And you do not need your cosmetic surgeon to be a good dancer. In fact, all those in favor of making it illegal to dance while performing surgery, raise your hands. If you need more convincing, the wildly inappropriate videos of one Atlanta-based dermatologist might help, as will the lawsuits filed against the dancing doctor, with claims ranging from invasion of privacy to malpractice resulting in brain damage.

Don’t Dance and Doctor

Dr. Windell Boutte posted over 20 videos of herself online, with some showing her dancing around exposed, unmoving patients during cosmetic procedures. We’re not sure if she has any degrees in dance, but according to WSBTV and state medical records, she is not board certified in general or plastic surgery.

Her website, however, says Dr. Boutte is “Atlanta’s leading cosmetic surgeon” and is board certified in both dermatology and skin surgery. In Georgia, it’s legal for any physician to perform surgery, but it’s probably a safe bet to say some of her former patients feel a bit misled by her claims of expertise and certification.

Dancing Side Effects May Include Scarring

So, what led to the lawsuits against Dr. Boutte? Amanda Phillips filed a lawsuit last week claiming invasion of privacy for posting photos of her exposed body without her permission. She also says she had open wounds from liposuction surgery that left permanent scarring.

Another suit was filed on behalf of Icilma Cornelius. As reported by WSB-TV, Dr. Boutte performed her surgery after the patient was given a cocktail of drugs, including Propofol and fentanyl, rather than general anesthesia. Sadly, her heart stopped after eight hours of surgery. While emergency responders were able to revive her, Cornelius — who was about to get married and finish her Ph.D. — suffers from permanent brain damage and will need lifelong care.

And the Lawsuits Keep Coming

Other suits claim the dermatologist didn’t perform the agreed-upon procedure, invaded their privacy by posting images without consent, and left them feeling deformed. So far, the surgeon has settled at least four malpractice suits, though the terms of those are confidential. Susan Witt, a lawyer representing a number of plaintiffs, says she’s been contacted by almost 100 former patients of the dermatologist, so we can probably expect the dancing doctor to have to tango with a few more lawsuits in the near future.

We trust medical professionals to do their best to care for their patients. When they don’t, the results can be devastating. If you were harmed by medical treatment, discuss your case with an experienced personal injury attorney to figure out the best way to move forward.