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Scary, but Safe: Top 3 Tips to Avoid Halloween Injuries 

On Behalf of | Oct 26, 2017 | Personal Injury

The things that make Halloween fun are the same things that make it frightening: out at night, among scary costumes and spooky decorations. We certainly want to be a little scared on Halloween, and it can be a fine line between scary and safe.

So here are three ways to keep the frightening fun this Halloween, keep the scary stuff safe, and avoid injuries that can ruin a good All Hallows’ Eve.

1. 5 Most Dangerous Halloween Costumes

The first step to safety is picking the right costume, or, at least not picking the wrong one. If you were asking me, a giant foam Chiquita banana costume is clearly the most dangerous, but the experts put together a more comprehensive list. Hint: avoid “invisibility suits” that also make you invisible to cars and leave the capes at home.

2. 3 Most Common Ways to Get Injured on Halloween

Avoid the dangerous costumes, and avoid these dangerous situations as well. With so many kids and parents on the streets, everyone, especially drivers, needs to be extra cautious on the roads. And while the prop may make the costume, make sure those wielding a sword, cane, stick, or toy gun are careful. Finally, you might to keep the costumes clear of open flames like candles and jack o’ lanterns — they’re often more flammable than you think.

3. Top 10 Ways to Prevent Trick-or-Treat Injuries

Kids want to go off on their own, but need adult supervision. Darkened houses are spookier, but a trip and fall accident waiting to happen. And the scariest decorations aren’t always the safest. It can be a hard balance having fun trick or treating on Halloween and having a safe night. And those staying in and hosting trick or treaters often need to be just as careful.