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Pedestrian Hit by a Car: What to Do After the Accident 

On Behalf of | Feb 22, 2017 | Auto, Truck, and Motorcycle Accidents

When a pedestrian or cyclist gets hit by a car, it is a frightening experience. Cars are large, heavy objects that, even at low speeds, can cause severe injuries to individuals.
After a car accident with a pedestrian, it is important for the pedestrian to take a few steps to ensure that they will be able to hold the at-fault driver accountable, similarly to a regular car accident. While it may be impossible for an injured pedestrian to do anything after getting hit by a car, if they are able to do the following, it may greatly improve their legal prospects.
Call 911 for Ambulance and Police
If an injured pedestrian, or bystander, can call 911 and request both an ambulance and the police, this should be done. The police are particularly important in order to take statements for a police report, and investigate any underlying causes for the accident, such as a DUI or other related crime.
An ambulance will be able to provide limited medical care, and can aid in the decision of whether further emergency medical care is necessary.
Make Sure You Get the Driver’s Info
Although the police will likely collect the other driver’s information, if they arrive at the scene; if police do not show up before you must leave in an ambulance, it may be a good idea to try to get the other driver’s information somehow. Getting the driver’s full name, address, phone number and insurance information, minimally, should be done.
Also, if there are witnesses, attempt to get their names, addresses and phone numbers. If you don’t get this info at the scene, you may never be able to unless the police are present, or you personally know the witnesses or other driver.
Take Pictures at the Scene
While taking pictures of the scene of the accident may not be at the forefront of an injury victim’s mind, it frequently can provide the basis to prove the severity of an accident, as well as the cause of an injury. Additionally, while somewhat unsettling, for severe injuries, detailed pictures from the scene can sometimes result in larger jury awards.