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Top 10 Car Accident Claim Questions 

On Behalf of | Aug 10, 2016 | Auto, Truck, and Motorcycle Accidents

This is roundup of previous posts in our series on car accident claims. Many of us experience an accident, but do we really know what do to, how to get help, or what our rights are? This series can help.

Every car accident, even the standard fender bender, is unique. And sadly, some accidents are more serious than others. So getting answers to your car accident questions may require more specifics and a conversation with a good car accident attorney.

There are, however, some general principles that apply to most car accident claims. So here are ten of the most common car accident questions from our archives, and where to find the answers.

1. Car Accident Investigations: How Do They Work?

Any car accident involving car damage or personal injury will be investigated to some degree — find out how and by whom.

2. Do I Need to File a Car Accident Report With the Police?

You may not need to call law enforcement for a love tap at a stop sign. But for anything more serious, having a police report can help.

3. Should I Take Car Accident Pictures?

It never hurts to have evidence of what happened in a car accident. So if you’re able, you may want to document the scene as best you can.

4. Do I Need a Witness to Prove a Car Accident Claim or Case?

Lacking an eyewitness to your car accident may not break your case, but having one may make it.

5. Car Accident Claims: What Are General Damages?

The money you can recover for car accident injuries is normally split into two types. General damages are an attempt to account for pain and suffering, mental anguish, and loss of consortium.

6. Car Accident Claims: What Are Special Damages?

Special damages, on the other hand, attempt to compensate you for medical expenses, damage to the car, and the loss of present and future income.

7. How Do I Make a Pain and Suffering Claim After an Accident?

Proving emotional injuries after a car accident can be difficult. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

8. Car Accident Death: What Are Your Rights?

God forbid someone is killed in a car accident. But if it happens, surviving family members may have a legal claim for damages.

9. Is Cheap Gas to Blame for Rise in Car Accidents, Fatalities?

There’s been a recent spike in fatal car accidents, and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration thinks it might be due to more time spent on the road thanks to cheaper gas prices.

10. Car Accident Claims: Do I Need My Own Lawyer?

When it comes to finding answers to questions about your car accident claim, your best source of information will be an experienced personal injury attorney. Most are happy to consult with you about your case for free, so contact one today.